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Seigel, Rebekka

Owenton, KY


wall quilts

Rebekka Seigel sees herself as a link in the chain that connects people. Her grandmother was a quilt maker who inspired her to make quilts and her daughter is an artist also, as the passion for fiber is carried through three generations. Seigel states, “I am surrounded by folk art inspired motifs because I feel that my approach to the art of quilt making grows out of a folk art tradition passed down to me by my grandmother.”

Seigel started making quilts more than 30 years ago when she learned that she was expecting her first child. Because her grandmother had made quilts all her life, she thought that was something mothers were supposed to do. Her grandmother taught her the basics, but Seigel left the traditional focus of her grandmother’s work to express her own personal view of the world through her quilts. Her work has been included in exhibitions around the United States, including the American Quilt Society’s annual competition, where she has won awards on three occasions.

Seigel was chosen to create the award given to recipients of the Kentucky Governor Awards in the Arts for 2000. Her work is also included in many books on contemporary quilt making and craft, including Phyllis George’s books on Kentucky and American craft, and her quilts are part of the permanent collection of the Kentucky History Center in Frankfort as well as the Evansville (Indiana) Museum of Art and Science.

Work by Rebekka Seigel can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.