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McKinney, Julian Shane — Valley Green Creations

Richmond, KY


croched ornaments

Growing up in Madison County, KY, Shane McKinney graduated with a degree in chemistry from Eastern Kentucky University. He became interested in crafts created with yarn and threads when, at age six, he watched his grandmother do needlework. He is now adept at many different fiber arts, such as crochet, knitting, tatting and weaving.


Three years ago, Shane started his business Valley Green Creations making hand-knit throws, scarves, head warmers and shawls. He often uses chenille yarns which give the finished woven works a shimmering surface.


Shane’s crochet work is often done on a very small scale such as his fine circular crochet ornaments. Shane is a juried member of the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program.


Shane’s work can also be found at Appalachian Fireside Gallery, in Berea, KY.