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Kliment, Janet — Kliment Enterprises LLC

Lexington, KY


hooked wool trivets & mats

Jeanne Burkhard and Janet Kliment are twin sisters who have been selling their fabric items at art fairs and craft shows together since 2000. They both live in central Kentucky and are able to get together to coordinate their products and designs. Their “show name” is “Just Seams Perfect.”


Jeanne and Janet’s mother taught them to sew as children and they have been working with fabric all their lives. They quilted purses and made children’s clothing, and then discovered locker hooking in 2006.


Locker hooking involves a canvas backing through which strips of wool, fabric or yarn are pulled and looped. It is done with a hook that has a large eyelet on one end and a hook like a crochet hook on the other end. Jeanne and Janet’s trivets and coasters are made on rug canvas with strips of fabric. They use cotton fabric, so the finished pieces are washable.


Jeanne and Janet’s work can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.