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Hubbard, Dora

Hubbard, Dorie

Berea, KY


weaving, woven accessories

Dorie Hubbard was born and raised in Southwestern Michigan and has a BA degree from North Central College in Naperville, IL. She and her husband retired from social work and moved to Berea from IL in 1995.

Dorie wove her first piece, a belt woven on the back of a chair, when she was in the sixth grade. She wove her second piece 40 years later in crafts class at a community college.

She had always been  fascinated with weaving and never missed a chance to watch someone weaving, dreaming of having her own loom. That day came in the 1990s when she had the opportunity to buy a used loom

Dorie weaves with many different yarns, but works primarily with cotton and metallic yarns. She especially likes using fine yards and lace weaves. More recently, she has enjoyed incorporating beads in the fringes of lace scarves and shawls. Dorie has also been experimenting with a “sari” silk yarn. She explains, “This fair trade yarn is made by the women of Nepal, who spin the loom waste from the commercially woven sari fabrics, threads as fine as hair, into a multi-color thick and thin yarn.”

 Dorie Hubbard’s work  can be found at Honeysuckle Vine, the Log House Gallery, Promenade Gallery, and the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, all in Berea, KY.