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Greene, Deborah & James — Life Celebrations

LaGrange, KY


hand dyed & constructed wearables

James Greene is a self-taught painter and fiber artist and his wife Deborah is a fashion designer and seamstress. Together they make wearable art, which they sell nationally. Deborah and James started their business Life Celebrations in 1977, working on the floor in their living room in a small apartment. Since that time the vision has developed into a full-time art/design studio.


James does all the colors and the fabric painting onto fabrics such as silk, cotton, wools, and rayon. The fabrics are painted with acrylics by hand, making each an original piece of art to wear. He states, “Most people do not realize how important color is to their lives. The relationship between color and emotion is very close.”


Deborah designs the clothing, which includes tops, dresses, jackets, pants, and even hats and purses. She likes to use layers of fabric cut from unusual shapes, and to overlap them to create visual movement even when the garment is static. Her designs are comfortable and stylish and she cuts the colorful fabric into an array of fashionable apparel.


Life Celebrations clothing by James & Deborah Greene can be found at the Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft, Louisville, KY and Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea,KY,