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Plaster, Brenda — Spool & Bobbin Quilting

Lawrenceburg, KY



Brenda Plaster lives and works in rural Washington County, Kentucky with her husband and woodcarver, Bob Gibson. Throughout her life, Brenda has appreciated the beauty of quilts, but she only began creating them a few years ago.


Plaster’s primary focus is on traditional quilts. The design unit she uses to make them, the quilt block, can be manipulated to form endless variety. She is fascinated by the fact that the same block can look totally different by changing its placement, color and color values. She states, “The paradox of limiting the design to the use of one or two blocks yet having almost limitless possible results, to me is fascinating.”


Plaster also enjoys the continuity and tradition of quilts and the kinship and connection they share with so many (usually) women over the centuries, who have used these same patterns to create quilts.

Quilts by Brenda Plaster are regularly found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea