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Gorce, Andrea

Gorce, Andrea

Crestwood, KY


felted purses

Andrea Gorce grew up in Pennsylvania in a region known for its arts and crafts and was influenced by traditional Amish crafts, especially quilts.  After obtaining her doctorate in chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Andrea moved to France where she developed a passion for knitting and sewing.


While working in France, Andrea met with local artists and discovered many wonderful fiber shops and markets in Europe.  Many of her styles and techniques are influenced by her seven-year stay in Europe.  Andrea continues to purchase materials from France today.                                                       


Andrea hand knits all her work and designs the patterns as she knits, making each unique.  Andrea begins by knitting high quality wools and wool blend yarns from Iceland and France and then felting the knitted material to create an entirely new fabric.  She designs and sews her own linings, straps, and closures to create the final product.  Andrea’s sewing skills allow her to finish her items in a professional manner.


Andrea adds, “I have many sources of inspiration including my children and my observations of nature and my surroundings.  I enjoy analyzing the latest trends in styles and colors and producing items that are both fashionable and functional.”


Andrea’s work can be found at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft in Louisville, KY, and Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea in Berea, KY.