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Riverbend Farm

Adams, Dobree — Riverbend Farm

Frankfort, KY


weavings, photographs

Trained in mathematics and physics, Dobree Adams left a successful career in information systems management in 1988 to work on her Kentucky River farm. There she raises a rare breed of sheep, the Lincoln Longwool, an old British breed. The Lincoln is renowned for the curl, luster, strength, and length of its wool. 


Dobree spins yarns in the many natural colors of the Lincoln Longwool, which range from white, silver, gray, brown and charcoal to black, as well as dyed yarns that are painted by hand in the skein. All of these hand-spun yarns are combined in her woven one-of-a-kind rugs and tapestries.


Through the years, Dobree has taken hundreds of photographs to record images of the places that inspire her weavings. In 2003 she began to exhibit her photography as well as her weavings. Her images document her fascination with the contours of the landscape – the colors and rhythms of the seasons, and how light can create changes in both contour and color.


Dobree comments that the heart of her work “is concerned with protecting the planet we live on, the importance of roots and familial connections, cultural connections and spirituality.”


Dobree’s work may be found at Capitol Gallery in Frankfort, KY; the Chapman Friedman Gallery in Louisville, KY; and the Damsel Fly Gallery in Midway, KY.