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Hankins, Vera Kay — Vera Kay's Art Studio

Burgin, KY



In her community of Burgin, KY, Vera Kay is well known for her drawings and paintings in oil and acrylic. She has developed her own style and technique that capture in detail on paper the people and places she chooses as her subjects.


Vera Kay says that her “zest for life is rooted in her Appalachian heritage and fostered by hard working parents who found beauty in the world around them.” She explains, “God and family and friends are what is important in my life; it’s what has gotten me where I am today.”


Vera Kay most enjoys capturing life around her with her drawing pencil. She says that she spends much of her time photographing subjects that “stir her creative talents.” Though reproducing famous landmarks on paper is one of her specialties, she explains that her favorite subject is “capturing the innocence of children.”


Vera Kay’s work can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.