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Zolman, Carolyn — Stonehaven Pottery

Lexington, KY



Carolyn Zolman of Stonehaven Pottery makes sculptured figures of angels and Shaker women, as well as luminaries.


Her sculptured figures are of stoneware clay.  A cone shaped base is wheel thrown and the remainder is hand built without the use of molds. Some dress patterns are produced by pressing antique lace into the clay. Figures are fired in an electric kiln to stoneware temperatures.


Carolyn’s luminaries, which are cut-out pottery, are wheel thrown stoneware clay, unglazed, and fired in an electric kiln to stoneware temperatures.  No molds, stencils, or patterns are used. A design is drawn freehand for each piece, which is cut out after the clay is leather hard.


Carolyn is a juried member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsman and the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program.


Carolyn’s work can also be found at Artique in Lexington; Shaker Villages in Pleasant Hill and South Union;, and Completely Kentucky, Frankfort, KY.