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Hoefer, Bruce & Kelley — Turning Wheel Pottery

Berea, KY


stoneware, functional pottery
Bruce and Kelley Hoefer met at Berea College in 1993 while studying agriculture and then moved to Oregon to work. In 2000 they both took a class in pottery and a turning point was reached in their lives! As their love of pottery grew, their garage became increasingly dedicated to the making of pots. Before long Kelley was making pots full time while Bruce was running a home remodeling business. When looking for a place to relocate, they decided to move back to the Arts & Craft Capital of Kentucky - Berea! Arriving in April of 2009, Kelley and Bruce began setting up a studio 10 miles west of Berea in the Red Lick Road area. Converting a pole barn into a studio, and building a kiln, they soon established Turning Wheel Pottery. They anticipate building a gallery on site, near their studio. All of Turning Wheel Pottery is hand made by this husband and wife team. They mix their own glazes from food-safe materials and each glaze design is hand painted using a wax resist process that layers multiple glazes. Their pottery is oven safe and microwave and dishwasher safe. Their pottery is not for direct flame heat or safe when subjected to abrupt temperature changes.