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Truett, Patricia — Truett's Quality Baskets

McKee, KY


functional, reed baskets

Patricia Truett first learned how to make baskets at a craft factory in Tyner, KY. When the factory closed, she bought all of their materials and became an independent basketmaker and soon was designing her own patterns.


Patricia’s baskets are made from reed a plant that is a member of the palm tree family. The inner layer of reed is cut into lengths of 15-30 feet and used in baskets and a variety of woven objects.


Patricia makes her baskets from round and flat reed with white oak wood used for her handles. She has more than 30 different baskets in her repertoire and is a juried member of the Kentucky Craft Marketing program. In 1998, Patricia was juried into the 65 member Co-op, Appalachian Fireside Crafts, Inc.


Patricia’s baskets can also be found at Appalachian Fireside Gallery, Berea, KY and at Red Bird Mission, Beverly, KY.