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Hillard, Pam — Uniquely Kentucky

Lebanon, KY


functional baskets

Edith Hillard and her daughter Pam have been making baskets together for a number of years.  Essentially self-taught, Edith has worked for years with crafts and has enjoyed passing along her love of basket making to her daughter. The Hillards’ baskets are patterned primarily after traditional Appalachian styles, but they also draw from Native American designs


Edith and Pam construct their baskets using reed made from the rattan palm, a native plant of Asia. They have studied the history and traditional of basketmaking, and enjoy continuing those traditions, but they also incorporate new ideas and techniques. Each basket is made with the hopes that it will become an heirloom.


The Hillards are members of the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program.


The Hillards’ baskets can be found at gift shops at selected Kentucky State Parks as well as at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea.