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Kentucky cooks have known for a long time that a splash of bourbon whiskey makes food taste better. The increasing popularity of bourbon and a new generation of food lovers have discovered the many uses for bourbon in the kitchen. Veteran food writer and cookbook author David Domine? has put together a collection of original recipes that will help you enjoy bourbon’s distinctive flavors in everything from crumpets and cakes to dressings and dumplings, pilafs and purees.


Domine? states, “Spicy and sultry, smoky or sweet, whiskey - like fine wine or cognac - can enhance the natural flavors in a wide variety of foods. Bourbon, with its naturally sweet notes and mellow essence, works as a perfect addition in dessert recipes, but it can also add subtle tastes to meat dishes, soups, salads and even breads.”


This new cookbook “Splash of Bourbon - Kentucky’s Spirit” is a collection of recipes that bring bourbon into the kitchen in a whole new way. With beautiful photographs of each dish taken by the author, the book also gives a history of the process and region and features each distillery on the “Kentucky Bourbon Trail.” Sharon Thompson, food critic and writer for the Lexington Herald-Leader states, “David Domine? creates a fun, spirited romance between bourbon and food.”


Works by this artisan can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.