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Montell, Lynwood

Oakland, KY


Tales from Kentucky Doctors;
Tales from Kentucky Funeral Homes;
Tales from Kentucky Lawyers;
Tales from Kentucky One Room Schools;
Tales from Kentucky Sheriffs;
Ghosts Across Kentucky;
Haunted Houses and Family Ghosts of Kentucky;
Tales of Kentucky Ghosts
Dr. William Lynwood Montell is a native of Monroe County, Kentucky and cherishes his memories of growing up in a rural setting filled with family and community storytelling. After graduating from Tompkinsville High School, he enrolled in a business college in Nashville, TN. He worked as a bank teller, served in the Navy and eventually ended up atWestern Kentucky University studying history.

While there he enrolled in a folklore course and discovered what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. At Indiana University he studied folklore, social and cultural history and cultural geography while completing his Master's and Doctoral degrees.

Montell has authored 15 books and served as an editor for others. He is now retired from teaching in various colleges, but continues to enjoy his writing endeavors. He also lectures and provides storytelling presentations, In March 2003 he received the Governor's Award in the Arts - Folk Heritage Category.