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Shields, Jim

Lexington, KY



Jim Shields grew up on a small dairy farm in Warren County, Tennessee and has been writing since he was a teenager, including writing for the Berea Citizen while attending Berea College. Jim went on to earn a degree in Pharmacy and worked in the pharmaceutical industry.


Writing has been a hobby for Jim, who found that in his business travels he could write and compose almost anywhere. He states, “My writing voice is really how I think – and it has evolved into a sort of style that I currently am using.”  While a few reflections included in his books have resulted from fresh air and solitude, he states that, “most of his writing just happens… sometimes even in the middle of the night.”


In his book, Knothole Reflections, Jim endeavors to identify, highlight and capture a collection of snapshots strung together with time. These short verses provide insights into diverse issues, emotions and experiences encountered in the process of living. Some are light and playful while others are more serious and thought provoking. But each is intended to offer a “glimpse into some of those countless life events that pass before us like a seemingly endless parade: the parade that we view, just beyond that knothole in the fence.”


Books by author Jim Shields can be found at the Boone Tavern Gift Shop, Berea, KY; and at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.