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Conroy, Kathy

Conroy, Kathy

Pleasureville, KY

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Scratchboard drawings with colored inks

Image: Scratchboard drawing with inks - "Gypsy Baby" by Kathy Conroy

While attending the Art Institute of Cincinnati, I learned the technique of clay board etching, also known as scratchboard. It has become my favorite medium and one of my goals is to become a Master in this technique.

I spend many hours photographing horses, birds, wildlife, trees, flowers and anything related to nature to use as my inspiration and guide. 

My works are available in a wide variety of replicated formats, such as prints on canvas, note cards and standard prints.

My works here at the Kentucky Artisan Center are all one-of-a-kind originals. Scratchboard is a form of direct engraving where the artist starts with a masonite panel that is coated with white clay. The clay layer is coated with a thin layer of black India ink leaving the artist a solid black panel. 

A variety of tools are used to scratch away the black ink revealing the white clay and a final black and white image. Colored inks are then applied with a paintbrush. Only the white scratched away areas accept the color.