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Neidigh, Michelle Lyn — No Blink Pictures LLC

Dry Ridge, KY



Michelle Lyn Neidigh started taking photographs as a young child, using a Kodak Disc. She had always been amazed by the photos her father took of his children playing sports. She never thought she would be able to understand his larger camera and all that it involved: film, aperture, shutter speed, lighting.

As a result, she didn’t take many photos for a number of years and then one day a passion emerged as she was photographing her reptile and amphibian pets. The more photos she took, the more she wanted to learn about photography.

Michelle enrolled in a course at the New York Institute of Photography and it opened her eyes. She is very happy that before her father passed away, she was able to have long conversations with him about photography and what she was learning about it.

Michelle says that the support of her family keeps her motivated to continue capturing moments, one image at a time.

Michelle Lyn Neidigh's work can be found at Harold Moore’s Frame Shop, Williamstown, KY, and the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.