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Brestel, Sylvia — Felted Feather

Louisville, KY


fashion accessories including hand bags, cuffs, scarves - felted wool and silk items; nuno felted, shibori and other dyeing, and/or embellished
Sylvia Brestel graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, majoring in music composition. A retired elementary music teacher, she has taken classes and workshops in different media including drawing, pottery, painting, fabric dyeing and sculpture. She adapts and applies techniques she has learned from other disciplines to her fiber art.

Sylvia says she is "passionate about the versatile and organic qualities of wool as well as its sustainability." She feels it is an honor to carry on a craft that has an 8,000 year history. She works mostly by hand and is currently exploring the manipulative, sculptural qualities of wool and also studying shibori dyeing techniques.

Sylvia frequently works with wool and silk and may incorporate other organic fibers as well as synthetic fibers. She uses both dry felting and wet felting techniques. She uses dry felting with a barbed needle to encourage wool fibers to bond with other fibers and to attach decorative elements to wet felted projects. She uses wet felting to add felting to areas of silk or wool fabric, sometimes before dyeing the fabric and other times after dyeing it. Her work may be embellished with silk yarns and threads, tinsel, lace, wood or glass beads, sequins, lampwork buttons, or handcrafted wood buttons.

Sylvia's work can be found at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Louisville, KY; Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen Gallery, Berea, KY; Consider Boutique, Louisville, KY; Damselfly Gallery, Midway, KY; River Run Gallery, Carrollton, KY; and the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.