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Architectural Glass Inc.

von Roenn, Kenneth — Architectural Glass Inc.

Louisville, KY


architectural glass, including window at the Kentucky Artisan center at Berea

Kenneth Frederick vonRoenn Jr. began his career in glass in 1970. He earned his masters degree in Architecture from Yale University in 1981 and went to work as an architect and glass designer. In 1991 he bought Louisville Glass Studio and renamed it Architectural Glass Art, Inc. In this company he serves as a designer and president, managing a staff of thirty and redirected its focus on new roles for glass in architecture.
The studio has been recognized for its innovative application of new technologies.

 Ken has executed hundreds of projects nationally and internationally, including the world’s largest glass sculpture, which crowns the top of Wacho Bank in Charlotte, NC. His work is published in numerous books and in every major design magazine. Ken’s background as an architect allows him to create works that integrate harmoniously with the architecture. As a designer, vonRoenn has been noted for his unique applications of new technologies along with superb levels of craftsmanship and design.

 Ken explains that his ultimate objective is the harmonious integration of the glass with the architecture. He states, “Because of my training as an artist and craftsperson, I am concerned with the poetic expression of glass as it is animated with light. I use glass to transform light in a manner appropriate to each location as well as to enhance and celebrate its intrinsic qualities.”