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Chipolte Chicks

Chipolte Chicks

Falmouth, KY


chipotle sauces and jellies

The Chipotle Chick’s Kentucky Chipotle was created in 1999 after Kathy Yelton threw a few red jalapeños in with a pork loin she was smoking with hickory.  Using tomatoes from her Falmouth farm’s garden, she created a sauce with the Kentucky Chipotle.  After that, Kentucky Chipotle Sauce was produced in quantity and was a frequent gift to friends and acquaintances. 

Sheila DeSimio tasted Kentucky Chipotle Sauce in 2004.  Sheila had been growing vegetables without chemical fertilizers and pesticides on her Augusta farm since 1989, selling her produce to area chefs.  But when she tasted the Kentucky Chipotle Sauce, she had to know how to create it.  Her zeal for the Kentucky Chipotle and the resultant sauce was equal to that of Kathy’s.

A new relationship was born out of a shared passion for farming and cooking.  Sheila and Kathy decided to see if there was widespread demand for Kentucky Chipotle Sauce as well as other products manufactured from their produce.