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Visitors to the Center and Berea can enjoy special exhibits daily and demonstrations from artists across the state every Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
A Printmaking exhibit at the Center and demonstrating artists painter John Lackey, potter Kristal Gilkey and Richard Adams at the wood lathe

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Artist Demonstrations Every Saturday -
10:30 am to 3:30 pm

Kentucky Artisan Center artist demonstrations happen every Saturday throughout the year. Artists create work on site, talking with visitors and showing their  techniques. Educational handouts are free and finished work by the demonstrating artist are shown nearby.


International Exhibition of Scratchboard Art
Now through July 31, 2019

International artists working in the medium of scratchboard come together at the Kentucky Artisan Center to exhibit exceptional works of art. Works by fifty-one members of the International Society of Scratchboard Art (ISSA), including artists at the Masters level, will be on display through July 31, 2019, at the Center. Artists selected hail from all over the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, China and Portugal.

This exhibit showcases highly detailed and representational imagery with nature and animals as predominant subjects. Works are most often rendered in black and white, but the addition of colored inks give these works a full range of visual realism. 

Many of these works appear to be high-resolution photographs, fooling the observer upon first encounter.  The level of artistry in this exhibit is extraordinary, especially in the works by Master Level member artists: John N. Agnew, of Ohio; Linda Heath Clark, of California; Lori Dunn, of Ontario, Canada; Ginger Gehres, of North Carolina; Lorna Hannett, of British Columbia, Canada; Patrick Hedges, of South Australia; Heather Lara, of California; Karen Rankin Neal, of New Zealand; Ann Ranlett, of California and Cathy Sheeter, of Colorado.

Having received recent accolades in the fine art world, scratchboard is a two-dimensional medium that requires incredible skill and dedication. Each artwork is created by meticulously engraving into a board coated in white clay and then covered with ink. Line by line, the ink is removed with a sharp tool creating contrasting values and a high level of detail as the clay becomes exposed. This process has roots going back to the 1800's and is now making a comeback in graphic design and fine art. 

This exhibit also includes information by each artist as to why they chose certain subjects and why they use the medium of scratchboard. Cynthie Fisher, of Hamilton, Montana, states, “After taking 18 trips to Africa, elephants always figure highly on my list of subjects. I love their intelligence, family bonds and their occasional bursts of temper.”

Lori Dunn, of Norwood, Ontario, explains why she works in the scratchboard medium. 
“I particularly love scratchboard for the ability to focus on light and shadow, rather than color, as well as the unsurpassed level of detail that can be created using just the tip of the knife. To be able to deftly render and engrave every tiny detail of a wildlife subject is incredibly satisfying to me.” 

The International Society of Scratchboard Art, formed in 2011, is a non-profit society dedicated to promoting artistic professionalism and the medium of scratchboard to the world of fine art. ISSA now has over 200 members worldwide. Many members have been featured in some of the finest art museums and galleries, winning awards on a global scale. The Kentucky Artisan Center is pleased to showcase this International ISSA exhibition, offering visitors the only chance to observe a complete show solely dedicated to this unique medium. 

For more information on the International Exhibition of Scratchboard Art, contact Gwen Heffner at [email protected] or call 859-985-5448, ext. 230, or visit our Facebook page.

The Kentucky Artisan Center is located just off I-75 at Berea Exit 77. The Center is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and offers traveler services, shopping, gallery exhibits and Saturday artist demonstrations. The Artisan Café & Grill is open for breakfast and lunch from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Kentucky Artisan Center is an agency in the Tourism, Arts & Heritage Cabinet of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. For more information, visit



June 30 - October 20, 2019

This exhibit showcases works by over 50 Berea Learnshop Instructors in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional mediums and includes both books and music CD's.

Berea's Festival of Learnshops is a citywide festival offering over 100 workshops from one day to weekend courses in a wide array of subjects and learning activity. This exhibit at the Center, showcases the talent and skill of these talented Learnshop instructors. 

Learnshop instructors participating are: Nancy Kelly Allen, Michelle Amos, Bob Bagley, Pat Banks, Robert Berger, Bill Berryman, Susan Bradish, Teresa Cole, Diana Colgate, Kathy Conroy, Jonathan Dazo, Neil Di Teresa, Marta Dorton, Steve Farmer, Mike Farmer, Linda Fifield, Elizabeth Foley, Diane Gilliam, Gwen Heffner, Grace Henderson, Vallorie Henderson, Darla Jackson, Beth Jones, Dr. Jeannette Jones, Linda Kuhlmann, Amy Lewis, Diana Marra, Mike McCarthy, Ron McWhorter, Judy Mudd, Sandra Pence, Laura Poulette, Robin & Mary Reed, Chris Robbins, Roberta Schultz, Ana Maria Selvaggio, Judy Sizemore, Christa Smith, Linda Stephenson, Pat Sturtzel, Diana Smith-Thomas, Brandon Thompson, Maria Tinnell, Jan Treesh, Alice Fae Weiland, Michelle Weston, Mary Ann Woolery-Bussey, and Jereme Zimmerman.

This exhibit is part of Berea's city-wide celebration of Learnshops. Now in it's 9th year, Berea Learnshops offer two hour to four day workshops led by outstanding professional artists, writers, musicians and craftspeople. Learn new skills and nurture your creativity in Berea and at the Kentucky Artisan Center this summer!


JULY 12 - JULY 30, 2019

Now in it's 9th year, Berea Learnshops offer two hour to four day workshops led by outstanding professional artists, writers, musicians and craftspeople. Learn new skills and nurture your creativity in Berea and at the Kentucky Artisan Center this summer!

The Kentucky Artisan Center will host 28 Learnshops on site from July 12 to July 30, as part of the city-wide Learnshop program.

Learnshops at the Center include: 
July 12 - Printing with Color - taught by Elizabeth Foley - FULL
July 13 - Learning to Carve Stone - taught by Mike McCarthy
July 13 - Six Drawing Techniques - taught by Neil Di Teresa
July 14 - Watercolor Iris - taught by Pat Banks
July 14 - Bavarian Folk Art Painting - taught by Christa Smith
July 15 - Creating Gourd Art - taught by Donna Smith
July 15 - Introduction to Scratchboard - taught by Kathy Conroy - FULL
July 16 - Monotype printmaking - taught by Marta Dorton
July 16 - Cornshuck Dolls/Angels - taught by Mary Reed
July 16 - Cornshuck Flowers - taught by Mary Reed
July 17 & 18 - Build 4 Nesting Shaker Boxes - taught by Will Bondurant - FULL
July 17 - Beginning Watercolor - taught by Bill Berryman
July 17 - Drawing Botanicals - taught by Laura Poulette
July 18 - Drawing with Pencil & Pen - taught by Bill Berryman
July 18 - Intro to Watercolor - taught by Laura Poulette
July 19 & 20 - Shaker Three Crown Boxes - taught by Will Bondurant
July 19 - Drawn Life Botanical Letters - taught by Laura Poulette
July 20 - Sashiko & Boro Stitching on Textiles - taught by Vallorie Henderson
July 21 & 22 - Mixed Media Monotype Printing - taught by Marta Dorton
July 22 - Bracelet and Earring Basics - taught by Linda Stephenson
July 25 - Clara's Bread Basket - taught by Jan Treesh
July 26 - Hand-woven Step Basket - taught by Jan Treesh
July 26 - Button and Bead Necklace - taught by Linda Stephenson
July 27 - How to make an Appalachian Dough Bowl - taught by Ron McWhorter
July 27 - Polymer Clay Bead Bracelets - taught by Diana Smith-Thomas
July 29 - Gourd Art for Kids & Families - taught by Donna Smith
July 30 - Farmers Market Tote Basket - taught by Beth Hester
July 20 - Polymer Clay Bead Bracelet - taught by Diana Smith-Thomas

Click here for more information and to register for Berea's Learnshops.

All Center exhibits and events are open to the public and free of charge. Check out our Facebook page to experience the creative side of KY!

If you have any questions about the schedule or a specific event, please contact us.

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