Kentucky Tourism

Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea Advisory Board

The Center's advisory board promotes partnerships between state cabinets and agencies, and across the Commonwealth. Seven members are appointed by the Governor and include a representative from the Kentucky Arts Council and four ex officio members representing four cabinets of state government. Six members are appointed by the Mayor of Berea and include two member representing the city of Berea, two representing Berea College, and one representing Eastern Kentucky University.

Current Advisory Board

Don Parkinson, Secretary / Tourism, Arts & Heritage Cabinet
Regina Stivers / Deputy Secretary / Tourism Arts & Heritage Cabinet
Mike Hancock, Secretary / Transportation Cabinet 
Kelly Baker - representative, Transportation Cabinet
Hal Heiner, Secretary / Education Cabinet 
Elizabeth Hack, representing Education Cabinet
William Landrum, Secretary /Finance & Administration Cabinet 
Judy Piazza, representing FInance Cabinet
Eugenia Potter, Louisville, KY
Gil Hunter, Eastern Kentucky University
Steve Connelly, Mayor, Berea
Randy Stone, City Manager, Berea
Lyle Roelofs, President, Berea College
Tim Glotzbach, Berea College
Sarah Culbreth, Berea Artisan

Past Advisory Board Members

Josephine Richardson
Cheryl Stone
Larry D. Shinn
Ann Latta
Dr. Roy Peterson
Kevin Flanery
Marlene Helm
Jeff Eisenbarth
Gerry Montgomery
Robert Kustra
Kevin Flanery
Mitchell Tolle
Dr. Clifford Derby
Dr. Carl H. Smith
Catherine Warner
Diane Kerby
Ron Daley
Jim Host
George Ward
Retha Tarter
James Voyles
Richard Bellando
Joe Prather
Helen Mountjoy
Jodi Whitaker
Jonathan Miller
Marcheta Sparrow
Joseph U. Meyer
Terry Fields
Bob Stewart
Lori Flanery