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Pop's Pepper Patch, Inc.

Louisville, KY


BBQ & other sauces, jellies
Bill Kamman says that a gift of pepper-infused vinegar given to his father, Bob "Pops" Kamman as a retirement gift in 1993 is where it all began. The price sticker had been left on the bottle and Pops realized the copious amounts of peppers and herbs he was growing could be profitable. He developed products and incorporated in 1994. The business grew and Bill helped him with production.

Over time Pops and Bill developed unique sauces and jellies. Bill opened a production facility with himself as his first client. He's relocated to larger facilities twice and now processes in excess of 60 products for clients in three states. Bill comments, "Pops' commitment to quality ingredients, uncompromising manufacturing procedures and a willingness to put our guarantee behind everything we do allows us to grow every day."

Pop's Pepper Patch products can be found at the 
Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea and at other shops throughout Kentucky.