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Halliday, Robert

Louisville, KY


acrylic paintings

Born in Indianapolis, Robert Halliday came to Louisville, KY, at the age of six and has lived there ever since. He grew up in a family of musicians who influenced his interest in the arts. Robert attended the Mayo School for the Arts in Louisville and while in High School he began working part-time with Louisville designer and artist Terrill Dickey. Robert continued to work for Dickey through college, eventually taking on the darkroom jobs, then doing design sketching and rendering in what became a true design apprenticeship.


Robert received his BA in English from the University of Louisville and eventually opened the design business Halliday and Blalock. In his business, Robert did most of the design drawings and renderings and the business evolved into marketing and design systems.


After retirement Robert began to paint full-time. He comments, “My goal is to make the work add new meaning for the viewer. I love watercolor – putting the medium right up front in the work, and relishing the nuances and opportunities for expression that watercolor allows.”

Works by Robert Halliday can be found at Kaviar Forge & Gallery, Louisville, KY; and at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.