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Gastineau, Ken & Sally — Gastineau Jewlery

Berea, KY


pewter jewelry

Ken Gastineau is a self taught jeweler and metal artisan who lives and works in Berea, Kentucky. Together with his wife Sally, Ken has been creating Gastineau Jewelry for over 25 years.


Ken has taught himself to design and create rubber molds which he uses to reproduce highly detailed designs in both pewter and brass. He also has mastered the lost wax  method of casting, where the original design is carved in wax, covered in plaster, then heated to melt the wax out, leaving an exact replica of the original for duplication.


Ken has designed special commissioned jewelry and created special awards for various people.


Ken has been an advocate for crafts, serving on boards of the KY Citizens for the Arts and the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen. He recently finished two terms as councilman for the City of Berea and in 1999, Berea recognized Ken as Artisan of the Year.


Ken & Sally Gastineau’s work also be found at the Promenade Gallery, Berea, KY; and at Gastineau Studio, Berea, KY.