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Scherer Glass

Scherer, Steve — Scherer Glass

Edmonton, KY


lampworked glass ornaments, jewelry

Steve Scherer has been working with glass since 1969. He was introduced to his craft by “Cap” and Dave Duewer, while a senior in high school in Decatur, IL. At school there was little time for glass lessons, so Steve began to experiment with glass on his own as a hobby. After completing a degree in microbiology from the University of Illinois, Steve decided he would prefer to earn his living working with glass.


His mentors, the Duewars, taught Steve how to color his own glass and instilled in him an ethic for doing quality work. Steve still uses his own hand colored glass for most of his pieces.


Glassblowing with a torch is referred to as “lampwork” because in the past, it used to be done in an alcohol lamp with a mouth-powered blowpipe to direct the flame. Steve uses an oxygen-gas torch to work the borosilicate glass.


The Christmas ornaments with handmade figures inside are one of Steve’s more unique creations. To make them a sphere is first blown out of a piece of glass tubing, leaving a hollow tube attached to the bottom. The sphere is opened at the top, the finished figure inserted, fused to the bottom and the opening gathered together and sealed. A loop is then added to the top.


Steve’s work can also be found at the Kentucky Museum of Arts + Design, Louisville, KY; Artique, Lexington, KY; and Highland Raku Pottery, Columbia, KY.