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Street, Stacey — Streetglass

Richmond, KY


fused glass tiles, lamps

Stacey Street grew up with a father who always went out of his way to find and view blown and architectural glass with the family. Born in Ft. Thomas, KY, Stacey graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in Psychology. She went to the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, in Bethesda, MD for a graduate degree in medical psychology.

Having always been inclined to the arts, Stacey spent time doing photography alongside her psychology career. She turned to glass in 1999 – and when she couldn’t fit glass blowing classes into her career schedule, she began to research fused glass.

For her fused works, Stacey uses Bulls-Eye glass, chosen because of the variety of colors available, and for the stability of the glass. After cutting the glass, Stacey fuses or softens and melts the glass over or into a mold in a kiln at approximately 1500° F. The piece is then annealed and slowly cooled and held at about 960 °F to eliminate the stress caused by heating. Annealing glass keeps the piece from cracking.

Stacey began creating fused glass musical instruments after making a guitar for her musical husband. She now produces a whole line of instruments in glass, as well as functional forms.

Stacey’s fused glass can also be found in River’s Edge Gallery, Cincinnati Airport, Newport, KY; Promenade Gallery, Berea, KY; Gallery on Main, Richmond, KY; and at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.