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Schupbach, Rebecca — Seachange Designs

Louisville, KY


lampworked jewelry

Rebecca took her first jewelry and silversmithing lessons from her father while still a teenager. She continued to pursue making jewelry while working as an attorney and in 1999, discovered the thrill of working with glass. She began to take glass bead classes and workshops with Louisville bead maker Bonnie Blincoe, and also studied with Patti Walton and Shane Fero.

 The ancient art of glass-working transforms earthy matter such as silica sand, soda, lime and metal salts into vitreous substances with an extraordinarily wide range of color, transparency, translucence or opacity. Rebecca uses colored rods of soda-lime glass which are made using traditional methods by Effetre one of the oldest glass manufacturers in Italy.

 Traditional “moretti” glass is made by building up colored layers of molten glass and then pulling and stretching it out into thin rods. Rebecca strives to capture the idea of glass as frozen fire. She explains, “I seek to impart the spirit of transformation into even the simplest bead, capturing the power of the flame in its heart.” Rebecca is a member of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers, the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen, and KY Craft Marketing Program.

 Rebecca’s work can also be found at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Glassworks, and Hearts Afire, all located in Louisville, KY.