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Rice, Wyman

Rice, Wyman

Lexington, KY


raku pottery vessels, clocks

Wyman Rice grew up on a farm in Adair County near Columbia, KY, and began to draw at a very early age. Art instruction was not offered in Wyman’s elementary or high school – so he taught himself until he was able to take art courses in college. At the University of Kentucky, his interest in ceramics was fueled by seeing sculptural contemporary clay work.


Wyman Rice produces work without a potter’s wheel. Each piece is constructed one at a time using slabs or coils of clay. The clay is rolled out into sheets or coils and then joined to create unique and organic forms. Looking to nature and the human figure for inspiration, Wyman fires all of his work with the Raku firing process. In this process the piece is glazed and fired very quickly and removed quickly from the kiln red hot, and either plunged into water or placed into a pit with combustible materials to cool rapidly. This Raku firing process creates finished surfaces that can be red, green or gold and the clay itself becomes charcoal grey or black. A white crackle glaze is also used extensively by Wyman who teaches classes in hand building and Raku at KY Mudworks, in Lexington, and in the summer at Open Ground, near Harrodsburg, KY.


Wyman’s work can also be found in the Promenade Gallery, Berea; Main Cross Gallery, New Editions Gallery, and Clark Art & Antiques, in Lexington, KY; Completely Kentucky, Frankfort, KY..