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Tagher, May — Maycreations

Walton, KY


polymer clay jewelry

May Tagher is the president and lead artist for MAYcreations, a business that creates jewelry that is frequently used by organizations to raise money and awareness for causes.


The process MAYcreations uses for beadwork is “millefiori,” a technique that originated with glass in Italy. May explains, “The term is a combination of the Italian words ‘mille’ (thousand) and ‘fiori’ (flowers) as traditionally all of the designs produced were flowered, geometric, or marbled.”  May uses the technique with polymer clay.


The millifiori technique involves combining layers of clay to make a cane or rod. Multicolored patterns are created by the combined clays, visible only at the cut ends of the rod. The completed rod will be several inches in diameter. It is then pulled until thin while maintaining the cross section’s design. This cane or rod is then cut and manipulated into various styles of beads and designs.


May Tagher is a juried member of the Kentucky Arts Council’s Kentucky Crafted program.


Works by May Tagher / MAYcreations can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.