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Trimble, Matthew — Moon Gravy Clay

Monticello, KY


low-fire clay pottery

Having been a great admirer of art and functional pottery for many years, in 1999 Matthew Trimble signed up for a ceramics class at Eastern Kentucky University. Since then he has been “dedicated to exploring all that clay has to offer.”


Speaking of working with clay, Matthew explains, “In theory, any three-dimensional form imaginable can be constructed out of clay using mostly our bare hands. With the vast array of earth elements that can be used to make color in glazes and the complex and unpredictable effects that come from atmospheric firings such as wood and salt, any color could be attained as well. All of this combines to give us a truly expressive media to work with and unlimited room for exploration and development.


Matthew holds a BA in art from Eastern Kentucky University, and has studied independently with a number of ceramics artists and exhibited at festivals.


Works by Matthew Trimble can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.